We polish your online presence until it shines

Crafting your perfect first impression, ready for broadcast around the world.

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

This package will ensure that you're communicating your value correctly to your customers and creating a positive first impression every single time.

We work with what you've got, polishing what's been working rather than starting from scratch.

In just 4 weeks we will define your value proposition, optimise your copy and make your site both responsive and editable.

Week 1
Re-creating your site in Webflow, ensuring it will always be responsive, easy to edit and painless to maintain.

Week 2
Refining your core value proposition and re-aligning all website and marketing copy to fit the narrative.

Week 3
Setting up your analytics suite and integrating web services like e-mail newsletters or payment processing.

Week 4
Creating unified brand guidelines and applying them across all all your marketing and sales materials.

Once payment has been made, Modules will reach out to you to organise a 'Kick-Off Session'.

These sessions typically last between 30-90 minutes, during which we will review your existing website and define precise objectives and deadlines for the project ahead.

Before your Kick Off Session begins, you may request a refund for any reason. Once the Kick-Off Session is complete, your 4 weeks will begin.

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Landing Page Optimisation

  • Design + Dev
  • Copy overhaul
  • Analytics suite
  • Edit it yourself


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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“Imaan gets me talking to the people who need my services the most, allowing me to focus on delivery."

Jamie Syke, brotherhood design

“Imaan has a unique set of skills that allow him to see the bigger picture and map the correct course."

Cameron Cairnduff, littleapple.tv

“Imaan's guidance has been invaluable in defining Anaya's technology and marketing strategy."

Hassan darr, anaya clothing

“I've worked with Imaan for almost a year, I couldn't ask for a more professional and caring colleague!"

Amir ben ari, freshkeep

About Modules

Hi there!

My name is Imaan.

I'm a project manager, web developer, sales guy and operations manager for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the Founder of Modules.

I've delivered projects remotely for clients with far too little money and far too much, in markets as varied as pricing optimisation, fashion, sports and furniture.

I love chatting all things business development, so even if you're not ready to become a client yet, I'd love to learn more about you and your business, big or small.

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